SMB Marketing Consulting for Local Small & Medium Businesses

Local Marketing Consulting for Small Business

Marketing in 2019 and beyond is more complicated than ever.

Even though the many of the formulas from the past still work, the mediums in advertising and technology have changed.

The thing about local marketing, is well... it's local. That means being sensitive to the fact that every type of customer is going to be different. We'll work with you to understand your ideal customer as well as do some research to understand the various "buckets," or segments of customers.

Consulting can be expensive. There's no limit to how much consultants charge - we try to be sensitive to the local small or medium-sized business owner. You need actionable insights that wont break the bank. We got it, and that's what we aim to provide.

In every consulting session, there's no doubt a waterfall of ideas and strategies that fall into view. But the thing is, no strategy session is successful unless you put thoughts and ideas into action. We've seen time and time again instances where execution doesn't happen. Execution NEEDS to happen; as such, we're there to not only provide a map, but guide you to getting there.


We Work 1 on 1

You're unique. You have unique strengths and weaknesses, a unique situation, a unique location, and your own product or service. We'll plan as it relates to you.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Our years of experience testing and investing time, thought and money into campaigns; trying, succeeding, failing - all for your benefit. Don't reinvent the wheel; capitalize on someone else's experience!

Satisfaction Guarantee

No one does this, but we're crazy in that we want to ensure your success. Your investment comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don't feel like your investment pays off, then we will refund 50%.

Recording Available

You're investing into your future, information and guidance is priceless, that's why that we ensure that your session will be recorded and sent over to you so that you can re-reference it.

Improve in Any Direction You Want

you want more clients, improve your Google Ads (Adwords), Facebook ads, SEO ranking, backlinks, whatever it might be - we'll guide you to get there. If we can't do it - or lack the knowledge in it, we'll be honest about it.

Marketing Plan Included

We're conscious of your time, and there's nothing worse than spending an hour.. or 2... or 3... and nothing comes out of it (trust me... I've seen it many times). We're going going to make a plan, validate it, stick to it, analyze it, and optimize it.

Don’t Shoot Arrows in the Dark

I don’t care who you are, marketing is messy. The online marketing / technology space is constantly changing and evolving, and most people don’t have the time, resources, and industry knowledge in today’s marketing to know what’s going on in its entirety. Tap into our minds to see what you’re missing, what should you be doing, and what you should be preparing for.

We’ll schedule a time and day to connect with you and develop a game-plan that will work with your business. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Our sessions include:
-Recorded session so that you can replay the session.
-Online interaction via shared desktop.
-Satisfaction Guarantee.
-Comprehensive marketing plan, in most cases including research on our end to ensure we’re giving you valuable advice.

See if we’re a good fit for you by sending any questions to us directly via WhatsApp.

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Call Vik to Discuss Your Business & See Where We Can Help

We've tried to make this process as easy as possible for a business owner. You can contact us (schedule a time at your convenience), and can speak to us directly to ensure that SMBfission is a good fit for you. If you know that SMBfission is the right fit already (of course we are :^D ) and you want to go with us, go ahead and purchase a service immediately through the site and we'll get started. Our pricing is transparent for all of our services.

You'll Receive an Email

Congratulations! You've just entered into a partnership with SMBfission! You'll receive an email with instructions to book time to speak with Vik from SMBfission so that we can connect, and start moving forward with building your business. You will also receive a questionnaire/survey on which items you need to provide us. Do note that in some cases you will need to provide certain things like account access to social media accounts, but all of that will be specified by email.

Every Client Receives a Client Portal

Within 48 hours, you should receive your own client portal and login. From which, you'll be able to access your personal account, further which will include relevant files and links such as receipts, project timelines, guides, and much more, all centered in one place. We will also manage all of our projects and tasks using our native project management tool connected to our website.

Timeline and Execution

You will receive a timeline for execution and will be updated as your project is being worked on. If you purchase a more-involved project like a webinar/webcast, then we will be in more ongoing communication, with use of project management tools (we use our own semi-native solution) to keep everyone on-track and updated throughout the project.

Learn How to Get More Clients

Talk to us. That's all you need to do. Schedule some time with us below or give us a call. We'll review in-depth what we can offer you and how we can help you grow your business. There's nothing to lose, and all of our prospects walk away with some strategies or wisdom regardless if you partner with us or not...

Contact US




Call our offices directly at: +1-307-317-2713


Alternatively, you can send a WhatsApp message to: +1-307-317-2713

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