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Client-Trust Method

Stop Marketing. Start Building Trust.

The Client-Trust Method™ was created out of an observation that too many businesses are walking around like Coca-Cola™ billboards, rather than educating and helping prospects to achieve their desires and goals.

The Insight
Replaying Themes Became Prevalent

We’ve worked with all kinds of clients over the years, in several industries. It wasn’t until about 2018 that certain paradigms began the connect in my head. We’ve noticed that there were fundamental patterns of thoughts cycling through the business universe that seemed too prevalent. The patterns looked something like this:

I am a business ⇒ I sell a product ⇒ Look at me, I have this product that you would like to buy! ⇒ Here’s a deal. Buy my product. ⇒ You don’t want my product? ⇒ Please subscribe to my email list. No? ⇒ Let me throw a exit pop-up at you. 

Something just didn’t make sense. The same 2-5% engagements were happening over and over, and businesses seemed content with those numbers because they just felt, that is the way it is. 

The Stats
What the Market Says
Will try a product... but without trusting shortly after, may stop buying.¹
Percent of consumers who prefer to engage via articles and content as opposed to ads.²
Percent of young people (18-34) who rely on and trust reviews for a majority of their purchases.³
The Analysis
What was the Missing Link

Our clients were in a state of mediocrity. They had an expression of neutrality. There was no excitement, because the results were not exciting. The results were not exciting because what we were doing was the same that everyone else was doing, and what was worse than that, is that our clients insisted that we do the same thing as everyone else, even when the results were not exciting.

More time went on and we started deliberating in the back of a dark room. We knew something was off. When we realized that thing that was off is that we weren’t helping people “cross the bridge” from where they were, to where we are, we realized that not only did we need to change what we do, but we also had to scrap our whole business.

What clients say
  • Eilon Kedem
    Eilon Kedem
    Professional Boxer & Gym Owner
    "I am having such a great experience working with SMBfission. I get an amazing support 24/7, with a lot of patience and care ! It's the first time I am working with someone I feel really cares about me and my success. I highly highly recommend ????"
The Solution
Building the Bridge & Bridging the Build

What we realized is that there is a rat race to do the same things. People hear keywords and key terms like, “Google Ads,” “email marketing,” “SEO,” “social media,” “Facebook,” “Instagram,” etc… etc… and they get lost in the hype of those things rather than focusing on what was important in the first place…. which was to get more clients.

You see. You wouldn’t even have a website if you didn’t need to, and in fact, even today there are businesses that don’t have a website, believe it or not. When I say businesses, I mean in the hundreds of thousands. How is that possible? Because the point of a business is not “How you service…” rather it’s “Who you service.” Identifying the marketing, connecting with that market on their terms, and building a connection, and warming up to a position where you buy, is essentially the idea, and ironically, has always been the idea.

The difference is that we have programized our approach in order to optimize the process, and maximize the results using the Client-Trust Method. 

The Flow
How it Works

Start with Client-Niche Research

Your target market will actually tell you everything you need to know. Not only that, they will supply you all of your marketing copy as well. 


Assess the Pain Points

If 100 people tell you that they could do their email marketing better, but they don’t know how. But 5 people tell you at length their problems with connecting to their customer, who would you rather serve? Quick hint: Those 5 people are actually looking for and dying to get your service.


Understand and Address those Pain Points

Now that we know who our market is, and we know what’s really causing them pain. We need to make sure we address all of those points, and provide content to struggles they have now, and struggles they will have in the future. 

At 1,000 Feet
The Client-Trust Formula

Research & Outreach

Review Generation

Content Research

Funnels & Ads

Content Creation


The Flow
How it Works (Cont.)

Outline & Create Content

Next, address the needs of your audience by creating creating written, visual, and audio content. You want to have various mediums to content with your audience on various mediums. This may sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually not if approached the right way. It can be completely scalable. 


Construct Your Ad Strategy from a Content Strategy

Remember that research that we did at the beginning? Your audience will actually already provide you your marketing. The next step is to compile the content into a framework and series of automated funnels that will make sense for your prospects. Your content will essentially be the basis of your ads. The higher engagement rates will actually lower your ad costs. 


Funnelize and Optimize

We have our research. We have our content. We have our ads. Aside from the reviews that we garner from our existing or previous clients, our next step is to compile the customer journey. This is going to be the process that takes us from cold-to-warm, or even from a cold-to-hot prospect. When you exemplify that you have the necessary direction and knowledge, and your market has responded positively to that, then and only then does it make sense to solidify a relationship. 

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