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SMBfission fully partners with doctors, dentists, and other medical practices to use modern marketing techniques to build trust with potential clients and patients. We call it... ``marketing fission.``
The Challenges of Building Trust Online
You just don't have time to figure it out. You have a medical practice to run, and who knew that marketing would be so tricky and time-consuming. Marketing has become so complicated, from capturing reviews, to video marketing, to online advertising, to SEO to much, much more.

Holy smokes. It's one reason why we love our field, but at the same time the rate of change is keeping us on our toes. We partner with you individually to ensure that we take the load off your plate as much as possible, but still make you and your story the center of your brand.

How We Help Your Practice Grow
Identify your niche markets. Understand how to best connect with them. Optimize optimize the reach of your brand for the demographics you serve. Build trust with your online visitors, prospects and interested patients through value & content. Convert those prospects into patients. Handle all of the challenges and unforeseen problems along the way so that you don't have to.
We utilize our in-house created Client-Trust formula to develop online relationships with clients and patients so that they trust your brand and confide in your you or your practice as the expert. This results in a higher ratio of prospective patients becoming actual patients.
The Stats Speak for Themselves
Your customers are using online sources like Google to find you.

Percent of Traffic Originating from Google.

Percent of People Who Search Local, will Visit Physical Stores

Percent of Consumers Say that Video Influenced their Purchase

Percent of Small Businesses (2017) without a Website, eCommerce grows 23% Y/oY

SMBfission - Reputation & Review Management
Build Local Reputation Growth & Trust
Your customer is researching you, as much as you're researching him or her.
Remember those Sprite(TM) commercials that said, “Image is everything?” In some ways that’s true. Reputation affects buyer behavior (we have some research on that), up to 60% of people look for at least 7-8 reviews with at least 4 out of 5 stars. Let us help you monitor your online reputation and get more reviews… but more than that, we work hard so that your prospects trust you.
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Utilizing creative methods to connect with your clients.
Maybe you heard the term “growth-hacking,” maybe you haven’t. Frankly, it’s an overused and hyped saying that basically describes using alternative and innovative tactics to get more clients and customers. We on the other hand aim to be the best “trust hackers;” we are adamant that the best performers in marketing are the ones that innovate and focus on relationship building.

The best clients are the ones more open to different forms of marketing and innovating to build relationships.

Explore Our Partnership
SMBfission - Local Marketing Consulting
Influence through Content
We work to build up your reputation.
“Content is king” is the typical online marketing saying. We agree, but the caveat is that only when it’s used in the right context and flow. Simply throwing up content on the internet maybe not lead the same result as directional content. The idea is to send your prospects and those interested in what you have to offer through an “educational flow.”
Understand the Client-Trust Method
SMBfission - Medical, Doctors, Health, and Gyms
We're Specialized in the Health & Medical Industries
The health and medical fields have their unique challenges, and it's where we invest our resources.
While the “Client-Trust Method” can be applied to most industries, we must attest that we specialize our approach to the health, wellness, and medical industries. We focus our services to providing health professionals, gyms, doctors, clinics, and medical/health professionals with the added tools and manpower to get results. We recommend that you reach out to us to see if we can a good fit regardless of your industry. In any case, we’re happy to give you guidance as to how you can propel your business, for free.
Let Me Guide You for Free
The First Step of Building Trust
The first step of building trust is optimizing external influences in addition to internal ones. Are your reviews and testimonials getting you conversions? Take this assessment to find out!
Our Approach
To understand your business, we work to understand your customer.
Our Research on the Influence of Trust
The numbers stack up.
Americans that References Reviews
Weekly or Daily
Increase in Conversion
for High-Priced Products/Services.
Americans Under 55 Used the Internet to Find a Product/Service
Weekly or Daily
Increase in Conversions
with At Least 5 Online Reviews
How We Do It
There is no one size fits all. The system is the same, but it needs to be tailored to you.
Identify a Population with a Need
Understand Which Underlying Factors Get them to Buy
We Create the Content Funnels for "Self-Realization"
The System Runs Itself. We Just Optimize It.
New Channels. New Possibilities. New Niches.
We know that you're an expert. Or maybe you sell a specific product. But all of that needs to fit in with the market. We first have to identify the common traits, beliefs, values, and demands of a specific group of people before we can even attempt to market or connect with that audience. If a client has this information already, it's a big bonus.
Inevitably, in any demographic of people, you will find sub-groups of people who will all be interested in the same product or service, but from various angles. We need to make sure that we understand all of those angles, as that will allow of to give the customer "what they want."
You know that you have something to offer of value. But your customer doesn't realize that. So what can you do? You can help them realize that. There's no better way to get people to realize something, unless they "self-realize" that you are the best solution for their problem. In order to accomplish that, we manufacture content into becoming a catalyst for guiding your clients to self-awareness that you have the answer that they seek.
Once we're able to understand and guide your customer through a journey of "self-realization" that you are the expert with *their* solution. Then we invest ourselves to optimize the process so that we're refining the process to better work for you.
Once we have a working system, we can can then seek new media channels, offers, and niches to maximize the reach of your 'Client Trust' system.
Schedule & Start Planning, Free.
Connect with our consultants, we're ready to spend 30 - 60 minutes to help point you in the right direction. No pressure to buy anything.
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    Learn with Us
    We're always learning, it's what we love about marketing - it never gets boring! Check out some of our lessons learned.
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